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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a story on my birthday!

4th January!!. .happy birthday to me!!. . Thanks to Allah for giving me an opportunity to continue my life. . for the longevity. . Aminn. . for my 23rd birthday,He has given me a tremendous gift!!. .a cure for my parents' wound. . which I'd made for this last few months. .also,a superb gift. . where I can continue back my study. . not official until I'd register in Arau. .can't wait for dat moment . .da moment when my rusty brain will operate again. . haha. . gapo dio taw I kecek. . ngeh3. . when there's a time,where I felt like i'm soooo blessed by God. . like rite now. . I just can't describe it. . all i know is rasa syukur sb d beri peluang berkali2. . hopefully dis time I won't stop anymore. . just walk. . and I won't turn back to see my past. . ~

at this moment,I realized how much the people around me love me. . how idiots when I tot dat no one ever care bout me. .now I know. . thanks for giving me the strength . . thanks for keep hoping. . thanks for keep supporting. . now I know,there's always hope and ways dat will be given to us as long as u won't give up . .Thank you Allah for da opportunity. . now I'm hoping dat will be guided to be a better person. . for Him and also for the people around me who loves me. 
starting a new life. . with new hope. . new dream. . new environment. . new friends. . this birthday was a blast!!. .a birthday dat I won't forget. . to my dearest mama and abah. . I hope this will be the cure for all da wound dat I'd make. .for all the tears dat I'd caused. . for everything dat I'd make. . I'm sorry. . it's hard to say in reality but deep in my heart. . i'm so sorry. . I promised. .to give our family happiness. . i wont let the tears fall again. . just because of my stupidity!. . Luc u aLL. . 

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