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Sunday, January 30, 2011

nite story 4 love

hey peeps!. . another day with splendid time and moments with my beloved b. .  :) another gift from u. . u keep surprising me u know!. .  I got a teddy today. . white teddy. . :) . . u keep making me smile with your acts. . ur words. .ur hug. . ur kiss. .everything about u. .i just love them. . just now I told u. . I need u b'coz I love u. .it's not I love u coz I need u. . :) . . those words I said. .it was a very 1st time I said since we became lover. . Today,here. .on this page all I wanna say is. . yes.I'm happy with u. . I've never been treated like this. .I've never been loved just the way I am by anyone. . No matter what I said. .no matter what I do. .ouh!ur such a calm person!. . thanks love for giving me a chance to feel the happiness. .no pain. . no tears. .no heart feeling. .am I describing dat my love was totally perfect? . . I just feel like. . everything was perfect. . even we're far apart. .

Dear b,
Tonight all I want to say is I love u. . I'm sorry cos I told u dat b4 this I'm not really care about u. . I'm not really in Love with u. . and I'm sorry cos I can't love u like u do for all this time. .  :) . .ur my perfect lover and I know I can live with it. .  :) . . thanks for loving me more than anyone can. .  thank you for everything. . this relationship now seem so real . .I feel so alive. . I feel like I'm totally falling for you. . I feel like I really in love with u. . 

your laugh make me want to laugh.Your smiles make me want to smiles.You just by being You,makes me love you more than I already do! :)

p/s : dis is just a quick update before my bed. . ntah pape ak ngarot but it's just what I feel rite now. .  :)

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