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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a story of the new blogger. .

hey peeps!!. . mcm da few days x update ini beLog. . y?either I x de citer. . or I just malas nk update even sooo many stories which I nk share. .or maybe. . I got a lot of stories but I ran out of words!!. .gosh!dat could be da answer for all the questions above!haha. . peeps!all of u know dat now I study kat UiTM Arau rite?yesterday was my very 1st class. . not so bad sb dis subject I da khatam last sems since I was a bachelor in Marketing student in UiTM City Campus,Kota bharu Kelantan. . yesterday's subject was totally same with a subject dat I've taken last sem worry. . today I suppose to enter 2 more classes but I didn't register yet the subjects!damn. .tomorrow I need to setel all of this matters lah. .today I rest jea. . huhu. . since got a lil problems dat wat I x bley ke campus today. . ouh3!baru masok da ponteng2. . oh no!. . yesterday gak . not so good actually in class. . da classmates. .uh!. .muka agak sombong. . mentang2 la I masok lambat. .igt I ne bodo sgt kea?I  purposely reg lewat. .dorg mana taw. . just judge me coz I got they assumed I was in 2nd intake. . gth!i just don't hive a damn actually. . hope they didn't forget dat I am older than all of them. . respect me,then I respect yours. . Give me bullshit,then u'll get more. .  :)

Rite now,at the moment I still trying to godek2 this blog to make it look better. . more interesting. .coz sumah I x pandai nk edit ini belog since I'm not dat creatif. .I'.m totally soo rusty. . my brain doesn't work properly. . coz lama x guna. . hehe. . sO,I'm expecting any friends that can help me to make dis blog look better. .any idea or comments are mostly welcome. . I'm a newbie. . don't wanna crap all days in this blog. . so,gimme ur idea. . ur comments ok!. . 


ch!natsu said...

i think ur page is already cute.. huhu~
btw i prefer da simple one..
n i think urs is ok already.. =)

FaRhaH NaJwa said...

tq chinatsu... :)

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