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Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year. ~

cerita tahun baru?1st of all. . happy new year! . apa ada dgn tahun baru?. . apa aku ada?apa aku mau?. . harapnya berubah. .x sanggup dah den nk melalui mcm tahun 2010. .2010 was a really2 bad year 4 me. .not da whole year. . not the whole story. . not everything but still 95% from da story was a bad story. .was a bad side of  mine. . disappointment. . anger. . tears. . hope. .wish. . disaster!!. .my life was ruined. .totally collapsed. .x de sape pon yang salah melainkan ak sendiri. . bila ak membuang masa. . campak peluang kat tepi . .all of them!. . now my life x taw mana hala tuju.. . siyesly! I don't have any plan. .it's not b'coZ i don't plan. . but it's because i just dont know what to do. . no guide. .nothing. . I'm almost 23 but it seems like there's no path. . the dark side still here. .blocking the lite to come. . I'm always hoping dat some days I will have my chance back. . If it comes. .i won't do all those stupid things ever again!. .

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