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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome 2015!!

It has been a very long time since the last post rite? Assalamualaikum.. i don't know for how many times will I write "welcome back Najwa!" and I certainly hope this will be the last time :) I want to go back and writing and hoping I still can write even with the 2 heroes of mine :) Still in confinement.. 17th day! Yeayy.. still counting to 40's! Double heroes Aryan Rizq 1 year and 6 months.. Ammar Rizq 17th day :) Alhamdulillah.. for all this time.Life is soo hard but still I am so grateful with My Mr F and our 2 Mujahid :) 

I forgot already on how to fix my blog.. to look more simple.. not so girly.likely more as a mother and wife not as a lolipop girl! LOL! It's alrite.. I'll try to figure it out after this.. I'm hoping dat there are still peoples who will read and interested with my blog :) In Shaa Allah.. 

Have a nice day uools! 
2105 please be nice :) Hoping dat 2015 will be our year.. In Shaa Allah.. 

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