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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

from heart. .

when there's a time u have to choose. . when there's a time u have to decide. . about something dat would change ur life forever. .with a boundary called marriage. .have u ever feel dat ur not ready?have u ever feel dat u can't take the responsibilities. . as a good wife. . a good mother. .a good lover. . a good listener. . when the time came by. .everything. . everything keep running in my head. . is it too soon?is it rite to tied up my self for a man. .who I loved most. .is he's the one for me?who can take care of me. .guide me. .to be a better person. . can he do it?is he able to take the responsibilities?. .

the turning point of my life. .is it the time yet?dear heart,help me. .dear Allah. . show me the way. .give me some guides. .hoping dat it's a rite decision.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

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