Si cHanTeQ daN si HeNseM!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


hey peeps!. .it's my final exam's week already. .sedar x sedar da 1 sem I kat UiTM Arau. .a lot of things happen. mostly are the bad things. .but, beside all of the bad things I've found people dat I can call friends. .I got friends that always on my back. .be with me for the best and worse time. .friends whenever I'm happy and whenever I'm sad. . no matter how annoying I am. . they will always there. . no matter how stress the situation but at last we'll get together again. .thanks for being so nice. .thanks for being so supportive. .and totally sporting. .maybe I can't repay both of you. .only my friendship that I can offer for the rest of our life. .how I'm glad to have friends like you. .how I'm blessed. .in the middle of the situation which make me down. .both of u will be there. .thanks!. . 

I'm sorry to be so annoying. .I'm sorry to be so lazy. . I'm sorry for being too stubborn. .I'm sorry for everything I've done dat have let both of u down.  May Allah bless our friendship. .may Allah bless both of u. . Good Luck for your final exam!. .we'll do the best!

tHanks tO both oF yOu!!!. . . . 

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