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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

another piece of crap from me for today!

hey peeps!!. . 1st ly,I just wanna say dat I da melanggar janji!!. . oh!berjanji x mO kuar hari2. .sebab?oF kOz la. . bila tgk buku betimbun2. . da sticky notes which full with test bagai. . wtf?. .esaimen still x jalan. . 5 days at home. .totally relax. . totally in holiday mood. . yesterday,today,tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. . my schedule is pack!. . ouh!terasa macam artis. . haha~

gosh!today I told my friend dat we're going to hang out just for a while cos tomorrow we're going out again. . I called it 'derak bodo'!haha. . for those who are not kelantanesse, 'derak bodo' means jalan2 buang masa,no plan just jalan jea. . hehe. . dat was my own definiton. . as for tomorrow,it won't be 'derak bodo' cos we already got plan. . aren't we?. . haha. . i think so. . tomorrow,of course la another photo shoot (if it's not raining,cos it's raining almost everyday in Kelantan,not like Arau. . damn hot!). . since my photographer is here,then shoot la. . location?Taman Tg anis is running2 in my head. . haha. .wtf??I just terliur la adik I dgn his gurl shoot there. . hehe. .rasa mcm nk jugak la wat. . bring the cute umbrella. . play with the leaves ala2 autumn gitu. .of koz with my boifie. . such a romantic place to shoot but I'm not planning for outdoor shoot there by the time I married. . haha. . just for fun,can laa. .  :)

ok see?I da mengarut bagai. . actually i dun have any idea to write anything. . dunno what to update. . maybe it's because a lil bit exhausted. .a lil?nahh. .damn tired actually!haha. . 4 what reason?just because I bowl for 2 games. . swinging the 15kg's bowling's ball. . then having a large set of quarter pounder with large set of fries,and minute maid orange .with a glass of coke,'kerepek ikan bilis pedas' . .damn hard!my jaws almost tercabot sebab keras!ouh!. . mr boifie ckp. . 'sakit kEng B'. . haha. . now I feel like i wanna land on my lappy just like dis...

ouh! I should change it to 'I is tired eat and play too hard'

and u know what is another secret here?since I got back I didn't take my bath yet!haha. . don't say dat I'm not trying to get off from my bed!I try really hard since an hour ago but still don't have any guts to get up!wtf. . FYI,I'm not a kinda person dat susah sgt mau mandi. .I have my bath 3,4 times a day. . but I didn.t hav ea chance to do that in Arau since for 1 whole day I'm in campus. . x kan la i nk mandi kat kampus plak la kan. . haha. . ok another crap from me. . 
 can u see my condition rite now?it's not dat I'm getting lazy or whut. . but I got tired.   :P

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