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Saturday, September 18, 2010

photoshoot+hang out wit besties!

yesterday?nope..16th september la i hang out dgn my besties!!..da lame kott x lepak sama2 since everybody is damn busy wit study while I'm sitting at home doing nothings. . huhu. . it's ok coZ I will have somethng to do next year..just be patient. . huhu..we oll g photoshoot kat kB..oF kOZ kat kB maLL. . n also kat pnty irama,Bachok. . juz wanna share da moments dat we spent together,,mkn2 kat nOodle station,g for bowling kat pdana coz kat kB mall rmy gile org sp dat day kan celebration hari 1 Malaysia..huhu

terserlah kepoyoan time amik gmbor..n 1 thng i realized... I'M DAMN FAT!!!!!!!...OMG!da latest me..aiyaaaa..hahah

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