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Saturday, September 18, 2010

girl's dictionary. . !!

this one is especially for you guys out there. yes, we girls never meant what we say. so here's a few tips for you

dont! = yes!

i hate you = i love you, but i miss the old you

dont call me ever again = call me please cause i know i'll be missing you, i'll be waiting for your call

i'm leaving you for someone else = please do something for our relationship cause i really love you

i'm better off without you = i need you each and every second

leave me alone! = dont go, please. stay with me. i need you

i dont wanna see you = if only i can fly to you rite now

i think we're better off friends(breaking up) = i love you so much, i really hope you'd say 'baby i'm sorry, please dont leave'

p/s : yup, maybe girls are complicated, but thats the reason why you guys love us rite?

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