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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need my beauty sleep!

Morning!!. .April already?. .it's such a long time since i didn't write anything here. .in my cute lil diary. . :) . .some of my friends gonna be freak out once they read this. .it's early in da morning coZ it's just 8.06 am and I'm writing at this moment!. . :) . guys, don't worry, it's not dat I woke up early dis morning. .it's juat because I didn't get my beauty sleep for 1 whole day since yesterday. .my last beauty sleep is yesterday at 5 am. . and until today I didn't sleep yet!. . oh my! ape yg mnyebabkan penyakit ini datang hari ini?. .simple answer. .doing my assignment on research! damn it! 1 whole nite but still can't finish it!. .after this at 9.00 am I have a test. .until 11, then at 11 I got my research presentation and tonite I got a test again on my research method's paper. . Do I feel good rite know? Instead of feeling like I wanna vomit. .I feel like I can't feel the ground. .oMg!. .ape nk cakap afta dis time present?mampos sudah!. . 

How do I look?. .ughhh!!. .I just can't describe it with words!. . just wait what will happen afta dis. . kRoHhZZzz. . so tired. . . 

 I think I look just like dis. . hOho. .

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