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Friday, May 20, 2011

to the boy. .

gadoh lagi. simplest things pon boley jadi reason to fight. I dunno. Maybe, I kinda emotional lately, but he must understand why. .  He seems doesn't understand at all even I've told him. *sigh*.Still can't sleep, this fighting things make me can't sleep. How can I go to bed when we're still fighting. *sigh again* . . Final's exam make he depressed?. . maybe, cos I'm also totally depressed when I'm in final's mood. 

dear mR Luv,
I don't know when you'll read this. .  I just wanna say, even how mad or how angry you'll become. .  It doesn't matter cos I will always Love u. .  Maybe sometimes. . sometimes okays. .  I always getting mad. . I will sulk. .or over ngada2 which will make u annoyed. . I believe that's also won't change anything. . rite? I love u. . U love me. . the fighting thing. .it's just a 'thing' which give taste in our relationship. .  your love is always sweet and always be. .  I Love you. . when I'm writing this, at first. . I feel like I wanna kick u in ur ass. .  T__T. .well, that's common because we're fighting over a small thing. . but, once I'm typing my 1st word, I realized dat this fighting is useless. .  we've wasting our time by mad and angry on each other. . I wanna text u but I afraid dat my text will disturb ur sleep. .  So, i decide to write this so u'll read what I feel about the nite we're fighting. .  It doesn't matter. . seriously, I don't feel anything actually. .  I'm not mad at you. . you know what would it be if you get mad. .  you know what will I feel about that. .  you know everything. . I know. .  Dear, I'm not mad at you just because a text. .just because a word. . just because an assumption which is not true (pls ask me. . don't make your own judgment). .  Those simple things is nothing. .  You know how I feel when I decide to stay at home for 4 months. .  Y don't u trust me?. . stop making your own judgment. . your own assumption. .just based on what u read. . what u feel. .  and now I'm crapping. . forget about that. . I just wanna say I love you. . and pls stop mad at me coz I can't handle it :(. . 
I want my B back. .the one who u used to be.  my sweet B. .not the one who always get mad at me. . my b who's full with romance. .  :) . . it's not dat u are not romantic anymore, yes u r. .but the old u are more romantic. . :) . . I love you. .pls pujuk I bila b da baca this entry. .  huhu. .  I miss you. .  U end ur text with anger tonite. . It makes me can't sleep. . :( . .I need you. 

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