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Thursday, March 10, 2011

quick update!

hey peeps!. .sgt jarang nk update ini belog. .haih. .it's not because I malas or what but tenet lembap mcm siput n I plak x de nk bwk beRok band dtg cni. .sgt lah haruuu. . oh my b!pLs. .syg nk bb. .ngeeiii~. . currently tgh holiday fer a week!. .hello!cuti ni sndri pnye k. .just fer my batch. .sO,last week..kinda happy n enjoy my boifie came to visit me in Arau!!. .thanks b. .how romantic. .penat2 je dtg cni,bukan x ley balik. . even jap je but still happening. .lepak2 kat jeti. .pusing2 mkn nasi kandar. .haha. .then jalan2 taman ular. .pergh!kat kLantan x de kan sume ni?. .hee~. . I already miss u rite now even baru je jumpe. .hoping dat u'll come again to spend time with me my dear. .muah!. . 

how's my life rite now?. .yuCks!!. .sgt seronok bila dapat further study. .but sgt tak seronok life kat cni. .the environment. .the lecturers. .oh!how i miss my previous lecturers. .where we they treat me like a student. .not like an elementary student just like here. ..i wonder what will gonna be dis sem?. . what will happen after May. .where would I be after June?. .now I'm crapping. .

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