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Thursday, October 14, 2010

cerita cita dan kekurusan.

a love story dat couldn't be ended. . i thnk so. .haha. . we're back together actually. . penat jek ak ngamok. . huhu. . alih2 mcm x de ape je yg jadi dat 10.10.10. .watefak!. . haha. . sO,no more sadness i thnk. . everythng is back to normal. . 

i got new hobby actually for these few days. i've started to play badminton. . haha. .for these few days. .sewa court for 2 hours then play with some of my friends. . u know y?i'm on diet!. .i need to loose some weight!. .i'm getting heavier day by day. . haha. .dats y la i start wat bnda2 yg kuarkan peloh ne. . oww...u know?it was great!. . awesome!. .da lama x bepeloh . now pon da kurang bout Kgs. .i need to loose more. .mkn pon da kurang. . wahhh . .x sabar nk tron banayk . .doakan je laokeh!

i need my beauty sleep now. . badan da sakit2. . huhu. . nite!!

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