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Thursday, July 8, 2010

beautiful??..not beautiful? that really a matter?

just now i watched a movie..200 pounds beauty..hoho..watching dis movie make me think dat for guys..mostly being beautiful+skinny+hot+gorgeous woman is what they want in woman..then,what will happened for the woman who doesn't have dat charateristic..or should i say..qualification??..yes,being beautiful is what every women want..but,beauty is not just by being sexy or gorgeous..or myself sumtimes wanna be like dat...this issue sumtimes ade je menyemak in makes me think..the acceptance..bcoz of what?..on 1st place once a guy accepted a woman...they said..yes,i accept u as the way u r..then?...they wanna us to change for them..bkn x de keinginan..ade..but,it can't be drastically rite?...don't keep pushing till dat gurl think dat...'u ask me to be ur gurl on the 1st place..but then,u seems like u didn't like me as the way I am..'what the hell is the meaning of beauty for guys?...or are their love depends on how beautiful a woman is? sexy or how gorgeuos a woman is?...idk..sumtimes ade t'pk..sumtimes wat bodo jek..just the person yg penah rase sume ni ley is it actually to be on this situation....

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